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Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your programs
Guest — 6 years ago
Makes opening applications lightening fast and easy. I use this app all day long
OLLI_S — 6 years ago
This is the best launcher application. It is free and it does not waste you memory. Can be improved by Plug-Ins.
SecretAgentParvenu — 7 years ago
Very cool little tool that keep track of places it thinks i would want to have access again - also will search global across drives browsers, folders etc.
mrFake — 7 years ago
The best!
Sundaram — 7 years ago
Cool one
Guest — 7 years ago
very, very useful!
voidfire — 8 years ago
Very Useful! No need time for finding my program.
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BFME Mod Launcher
BFME Launcher is a small utily for execute mods easier.
Quick Launcher
Allows you to quicky launch programs from an icon in the system tray.
Portable Application Launcher
PortAL provide a simple and easy portable application launcher with hotkeys.