Launchy 2.0

Launchy -quick program launcher for Windows by typing the program name
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Launchy is a quick program launcher. The simple interface offers the user an input text box for typing the name of the program (s)he wants to execute and the application looks for it and runs it.
The Launchy application gets installed in the Startup process so it runs itself as soon as the operating system starts.

It indexes all the Start Menu -> Programs list, and waits for the user to type a progran name. As (s)he enter letters in the input box, the application displays possible program name matches (the more letters the user types, the closer the displayed name appears). Whenever a name shown is the desired one, the user press Enter and the launcher executes the selected program.
Right after that, the launcher hides in the background waiting for the next task, or stays visible, according with the option selection.

The user "calls" the application by the hotkey combination selected on the options window.

The application can work in portable mode on a USB stick, if this is selected on the options window.

At the options windows it is possible to choose the skin to apply to the program interface.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very useful and easy to learn. Hotkeys make even faster the launcher operation


  • When a wrong name is typed, the application just disappears in the background without any "explanation"
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